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Welcome to Dreaming the details: Creating a beautiful world.

Welcome to our new blog at Dreaming the Details.  We are working very hard to establish our new website, and can follow our progress here on our blog.

Dreaming the Details is all about enabling creativity, imagination and education.  Our goal is to bring great historical and vintage inspired sewing patterns from a variety of suppliers to the home and hobby sewer, as well as beautiful fabric and lovely handmade clothing and accessories.

As this is a work in progress, our plans may change, but our vision is for each person to be able to create their own beautiful world.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dreaming the details: Creating a beautiful world.

  1. I do a lot of shopping for fabirc at a couple of the big name stores Joanne’s/Hancock Fabric’s but you know, my stash has also grown from hand me downs from my mother in law and then just a month or two ago a friend of a friend set up a fabirc sale for her neighbors hubby who lost his wife to cancer! Whewwww (got that all!) Anyway the lady was into all sorts of crafts quilting, sewing, etc we went thru at least 50 hugeee tubs of fabirc! I paid $40 for a tub that I filled . I probably got around well I’m not sure over 50 yards maybe even closer to 100 I can’t be sure but you know it’s nice that we can help each other out. I don’t go to the store too often for fabirc any more unless I need something to accent that I may not have. Thread is a biggie too my MIL gave me a 5 gallon bucket of thread that I’m still whiteling down! I do like to use trifted linens to sew with too great for skirts etc

    1. Thanks for commenting. That’s a brilliant haul! Am trying to keep from buying too much new fabric also, not working very well though, although am going to the Salvos to look for some sheets to make some toiles/samples. Some great blogs out there about thrifted or reused, sewing and clothing.

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