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Older Posts – Picnic At Pemberley:The Abbey Place, Caboolture, Qld

So this is a very old post that got lost in the tumultuous times I had when the website disintergrated a few years ago:

It was bought to my attention, by a lovely customer, Antoinette,  that she was attending a grand event  held in September 2013 in Queensland.  She used the Sense and Sensibility Regency Gown and the Regency Gown supplement, and the Regency Spencer/Pelisse Pattern (pattern in stock) to make her costume, which was  gorgeous! Here are a couple of pic of the construction process:

Antoinette's construction details
Antoinette’s construction details



This is Antoinette’s recap of the beautiful day she had at the Pemberley Picnic along with some gorgeous pics:

“This was our high tea with the Oh! so dreamy Mr Darcy! Was so much fun! My dress turned out amazing! The jacket was hard to make & just didn’t fit right so in the end I didn’t end up wearing it because it was the most perfect spring afternoon.

We arrive to a Welcome from Mr Darcy himself, then took part in some may pole dancing, then had some afternoon tea with mini quiches, cakes, sandwiches, tea and rose water.

We then took part in some archery, then took a spot of some partner dancing, game of graces, Quoits. Then learnt about regency etiquette in which Mrs Lundberg-Day had told us off – My friends and I as we were the loudest table laughing & having a joyful time.

We were then treated to a Military fire arm drill with a 2 horse cavalry! Was amazing afternoon day. Well worth it! We have made plans for attending next year & the Abbey Museum who hosted the afternoon may be doing a Regency Ball next year as well.”



at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology
A Picnic at Pemberley:at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology


The Abbey Museum’s Picnic at Pemberley at the time of this post, took place  on the 14th of September 2013, I believe they have the event every year, so if your are in the area of Caboolture, Queensland around September, check out the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology (opens their facebook page in a new page).

Now is your chance to meet the charming Mr Darcy and to have high tea in refined society, and dressed of course in your finest Regency dress.


I have been advised in writing (email) that there will indeed be another Picnic at Pemberley event on the 10th of September 2016, there will also be a Bonnet Making Workshop and Regency dance classes in the weeks prior to the actual event.  As there are a limited number of places for guests at this prestigious event, Lady Patsy, Mr Darcy’s Event’s Coordinator, suggests subscribing to the Abbey Museum’s newsletter via their website.  Book early to avoid disappointment!  Please click the banner below and you will be taken to the Abbey Museum’s website in a new tab.

A Picnic at Pemberley 10th September 2016,
A Picnic at Pemberley 10th September 2016


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