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Monthly Challenges and Sewalongs…

The Monthly Stitch


…I joined The Monthly Stitch a few months ago as usual, I planned various projects, I even started the Advance blouse I had planned, for vintage month:

Advance 2921
(I got this photo of google, my pattern is a size Bust 42″)

Of course this is still sitting on my sewing table, unmade, and partially cut.

For Frocktober, I actually finished a project, which was a dress for my daughter’s formal dance on Halloween, but when I went to write a post right on the 31st, I could not for the life of me find out how to do it. I have now found out how to post so here’s the dress.

Planning the Dress

Anyway, for my one and only Frocktober Frock, my daughter wanted a shortish dress, this was her first choice:

Elise's Prom Dress the makin 003However, when we went to Spotlight they did not have this pattern in stock!  Very disappointed, we had another look, and I figured we could hack one out of this pattern, which had similar pleats at the front and similar lines.

Elise's Prom Dress the makin 007

She had a very definite idea of what she wanted, but the fabric was nowhere to be found, unless we went $45+ per meter.  Instead she found a gold foil coated denim??  This fabric was very hard to iron, so I did not get nice flat seams at all, and you have to be careful that you don’t melt the foil coating.  I also didn’t prewash the fabric, mainly because we didn’t know whether the foil would get ruined in the washing machine, also because we started 3 days before the formal 🙂

So this is what it turned out like:

And this is my baby in her dress, along with a few ghouls and gremlins:

halloween and prom 005Sorry about the hand signs, apparently I’m bringing up a gangster.

Making the Dress

  • So I used Simplicity 4070 .
  • I made a muslin or two, the first one was just the straight size 18 bust and size 20 plus a little bit hips, however it was miles too big, not sure what I do wrong when I measure, but there you go.
  • So I read every book I have on pattern manipulation and settled on the Vogue sewing book.
  • For muslin no. 2 I raised the bust, did a small bust correction and took the sides in, redrafted then cut out again, this time it was better, but I cut it out and hoped for the best.  Now the actual denim was a bit stiffer than the calico I used, so it didn’t go too well.
  • On the actual garment, I then had to take more fabric from under the bust area, as there was too much fullness there.
  • We added the belt, she didn’t want it initially, but the dress looked wrong so we went with belt, and she loved it!
  • I hand sewed the hem and handpicked the zip, which I thought turned out well, I didn’t want the solid line, and the stitching seemed to fade into the fabric, so I was happy 🙂
  • If I was to do this again, I’ll probably go with the 14/16 size at the muslin stage, I think I need some new tape measures.

Well that’s it, she felt beautiful, she looked beautiful, which is all that matters, so I’m one happy mum!

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