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The interesting things you find…Lots of pics

…So the middle of the year got rather busy, not that the end has eased up, but I have now finished studying so I can do more blogging.

I did sew various things during the year, not alot, but things I’ve really wanted to tackle, I sewed my first lot of knits then went knit wild and promptly broke my twin needle in the Bernina, I think injuring the bobbin thing that goes round and catches the thread?  I haven’t yet got around to getting the service guy to take a look so have been using the Singer.

I have been browsing the folders of photos I’ve taken through the year, nearly every folder help three types of photos, the kids, food and sewing, in that order.  This post then will be an amalgamation of the yearly makes along with their accompanying food.

While most people have glazed ham at Christmas, sometimes during the year I like to have a glazed ham just for a random lunch on a weekend.  It makes you happy, plus there is left over for lunches.  The Alma, was obviously made around ham time 😉

These were done over April and May, photos taken around my birthday in June.  Will have to write a post about these makes, as they were quite fun and easy to make.  The shirred dress was the first one I’ve made with shirring elastic, I have made one where the shirring was done by hand and then smocking sewed over the top, this one was easier!

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These photos are the Jasmine and Juniper top and pants by Colette Patterns, in the making, haven’t taken any finished photos yet and I’ve been wearing them for months now!

That’s it for now, might be back to morrow, might not.

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