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Fern and Faerie Peasant Smock and Reversible Pants

Hi All,

I made up a sample from the Fern and Faerie, Peasant Smock and Reversible Pants, as I did not have any photos for the estore.  I thought I would do a short review on this pattern, as it appears the pattern is no longer available from the original designer, and I have yet to find any reviews.  If someone does know the owner, I would like to get in touch!  Please pass my website details onto them if possible.  Thanks

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First up this pattern is printed on heavy white paper, I traced the pattern pieces which are very simple.  There are only two pattern pieces for the pants, and three for the smock.  The pieces are well marked, and match and fit together neatly when sewing.  The measurements are in imperial measurements.  The instructions are very straight forward and there are plenty of pictures to help with construction.

For the smock, the pattern has instructions for an adjustable barrel cord lock and elastic cord.  For safety there should not be a drawstring of any kind in a child’s garment.  The drawstring can catch of a cot or anything really, and badly injure a child or worse (please see the recommended practice from the product safety Australia website, before you proceed with the smock).

Instead I sewed the 5/8th of an inch casing around the neckline, leaving an opening, and then I threaded a narrow elastic through, sewed the ends together and sewed the opening shut.  The measurement of the elastic will have to be larger than the child’s head and neck, and make sure it is not too tight and feels comfortable.  I did not check the exact measurement as I no longer have little children of this size any more!


After some research last night, I found this disclaimer from the original designer for the neck of the smock

“This is a disclaimer to inform you of the possible strangulation risk associated with the use of our smocks with adjustable elastic necklines. While no injuries have been reported, there is a risk of the elastic loop and/or toggle getting caught in a high-up place such as a fence, crib, or playground slide, which would not allow a child to slip out of the smock as they would be able to if standing.
Keep in mind that all shirts and dresses with a closed neckline pose the same strangulation risk if caught on the back of the neck, and that the best safety precaution is parental supervision.
As such, if this risk concerns you and you already own an adjustable neckline smock, please view the smockrepair.pdf document found at for instructions on how to remove the toggle and loop to make your smock non-adjustable.  (these instructions are no longer available)

If you are a user of the Peasant Smock & Reversible Pants pattern from Fern & Faerie, please read on for instructions on making the smock with a fixed-circumference elastic neckline.”

Alternate instructions for
Sewing a Non-Adjustable Elastic Neckline
for Fern & Faerie Peasant Smocks

1. Omit interfacing and buttonholes at the back neckline.
2. Follow the pattern instructions up to “Overcast neck edge and hem edge.”
3. Sew your 5/8″ neck edge casing, using the buttonhole marks as your start & stop points. This will leave a small opening in the casing, which you will use to thread the elastic cord through.
4. Cut a piece of elastic cord to the length indicated in the chart. Using a safety pin or elastic bodkin, thread the elastic through the casing.
5. Tie the elastic cord in a square knot so that the finished neckline circumference is that indicated in the chart.
6. Work the knot and elastic ends into the casing. Sew the opening closed.
7. Continue with the sleeves and hem.

Fern and Faerie Peasant Smock

The pants is reversible, and quite easy to make.  The only part I had an issue with, was after I had sewed the lining and the outer pants at the waist I couldn’t work out how to turn it right way round!  However, if you read the instructions carefully, then it all becomes clear, (of course this wouldn’t have been a problem if I had read the instructions first!).  It is so cute however, and it really is easy to make, just read the instructions first!

The waist instructions say to use buttonhole elastic, to make the waist adjustable.  I used normal elastic, but like the neck, it is easy enough to just sew the waist casing per instructions, then thread the elastic through, sew elastic to secure and sew casing opening shut.










I used a recycled single duvet cover for the material, which made the cutting out of the pants quite easy, lining and outer all at once!

So, that’s it, took about an hour to sew up, of course if I had changed the overlocker thread it would have taken a bit longer but looked much better!!  And it really is gorgeous,  there are no pockets put I will do another sample and add pockets, and do another post.  Yes the link at the top of this post goes to the Fern and Faerie pattern in our store, but other than that there are no affiliate links within this post.  Thanks for reading!



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